Monday, April 2, 2007

The start of the Quarter

Ok, so today is my 'rest day' otherwise known as my 'day of no bike riding' or in today's case, 'first day of spring quarter at UCSB'. This means that my day is filled with endless requests to be let in courses where prerequisites are not met, to hear excuses on why a F really does reflect true knowledge of the course material, and to sign a bunch of paperwork. And in the meantime, I was trying to get my brand new mac set up with virtual machine this week so I can load cycling peaks! I guess that might be relegated to the END of the week now, since things are getting crazy around here.

In addition, my Irish setter has decided that he has had it with bike racing, and is demanding that even though I woke up at 4am yesterday to go to a bike race, he was not staying in bed a minute past 5:22 this morning...and alas neither was I! Thankfully after a nice walk and a good game of fetch (with yet another new tennis ball), he was passified. Speaking of which, Aidan's tennis ball collection merits a mention.

Over the past month or so, Aidan has been aquiring tennis balls. I'm not sure if someone is playing a cruel trick on me/him, or what, but I would guess that he finds a new tennis ball on approximatly 30% of his walks! He will just reach his head into a bush or tall grass, and another tennis ball will appear! We have collected probably 11 new ones in that time period! What is more than likely is that some kid's parents are really wondering why their son or daughter loses SO many balls! Aidan is in dog heaven though...because for whatever reason, dogs LOVE tennis balls more than most any other toy...

back to investigating petitions/GPA's/other odd requests.

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