Sunday, April 8, 2007

Photos from Santa Clarita Grand Prix...

Here are some photos from the Santa Clarita Grand Prix which was back in February. My friend said "you look like a real bike racer" so I thought I might as well post the shots! They are from the Santa Clarita Grand Prix credit should be given where credit is due--I am sorry I don't know the photographer!

This race was just plain hard! It was a 3/4's race with the 4's scored separately. As a friend of mine and world-class bike racer once told me (thanks Dotsie--you say such profound things), "sometimes you race with your head, sometimes you race with your legs, and on a great day you have both!" On this day, my fitness was pushed to it's limit and my head didn't have a chance!! I was just happy to finish with the pack, and get 6th place in the 4s :-).


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