Saturday, April 21, 2007

2 down one to go...

stages, that is!

This weekend is my first Stage Race. It is Conquer the Canyons, in Westlake/Malibu. So far so good! After the TT and Circuit race, I have ended up in 4th place in the GC! I'll have to write a report right now I'm feeling a bit tired, but things are going well. Tomorrow's the hilly road race...and I'm trying to get excited about that!
The cool thing about women's cat IV racing is that you start to know people after awhile...since we seem to race against the same 20-30 people every week! Plus, I love that the local SB teams stick together. Today I found myself without any teammates (for various reasons no one on my team could race this one with me), and yet the other SB team welcomed me, and was happy to work with me in the circuit race, and that was nice! It's so nice when we can help each other out, and I enjoy the comraderie, whether or not we're wearing the same color jersey! Who knows how it will all shake out tomorrow...

Another plus, is that I get to meet other bloggers! Today in my race was Cynthia, another bike blogger! It's fun to meet the cyber-friends at bike races!

In other news...Steve Weixel from Echelon had his first race today, and he was in 2nd place in the first timers category after 2 events. Way to rock the TT, Steve! I saw a couple of other Echelon jerseys walking around there....but alas the results postings were the most popular place at the I didn't get to take a close look. There seemed to be lots of the Chicken Ranch Team (mmm Chicken ranch is a great post-race meal) there, some Hazards guys, etc. Lots of locals! I hope everyone did well!!

full reports coming tomorrow, when this thing is behind me!


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