Thursday, April 19, 2007

the big screen

no bike riding today...thus you're all subjected to ramblings about the rest of my life.

About a month ago, I got a new macbook pro, and an external monitor. And not just any monitor, but the big 30 inch flatscreen one! It is so nice. However, I had not expected the reaction to it. EVERYONE Notices this puppy! Everyone!! Now I have to be conscious about which 20 things I'm looking at at any given people are immediately drawn to eavesdrop whatever is there...just due to the sheer size of it!

It sure is nice for watching dvd's when work gets boring...


Confusciously said...

Yay, a fellow Mac user! I'm very jealous of your 30"....yes, that is very drool worthy.

Congrats on Sea Otter! Wow, you and Susie rocked it!

What are your next races?

- Cynthia
(aka Confusciously)

Kimberly Turner said...

cynthia--how'd you do in the crit today? thanks for linking my blog to yours! See you tomorrow for the RR...