Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nat the Brat

This blog is called 'of Dogs and Bike Racing,' after all, so it would be good to occasionally put some 'of dogs' content up! Well, today, there is actually canine content worth bragging about! Little Natalie, despite her small stature, used her good looks, athletic prowess and sweet personality to pull out a huge win on Sunday! She was winners b*tch (it is what they call a female dog after all) for a 4 point major, and then took best of winners as well! She couldn't have showed better for me, and was so much fun! Plus, she has let her win go directly to her head, growing an insatiable ego that seems to have affected the 'manners' section of her brain. Although I can't be certain which dog did it, one of them decided to take a bite out of a cake on the counter last evening when I had folks over! I'm guessing it was Miss Natalie...

In our class...round 1.

Best of Breed Competition, Round 3

Finally the "win" shot. The "win" photo is the hardest part for me!