Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On hill workouts...and cool Irish Setter photos

Ok. So this morning, i got out early to get my hill interval workout of the week. It's always fun to ride Gibraltar Rd for hill intervals, because in between you get the super-fun descending as the part of the recovery process! It's also fun to do this on Old San Marcos, but the UP phase is a bit steeper (ok..the down is a little speedier and smoother, though, too). On this particular day, as sea otter is only 1.5 weeks away, I get to push it a bit, so my legs got to feel the burn, and feel it again...and again...and...well, you get the idea! Always feels good to work that hard early in the day...and still have the rest of the day to get my work done! Workout Summary: 2 hours 45 minutes, 42 miles, 3100ft elevation climbed.

The photos for today are of my Irish setter, Aidan. His 'official' name is Champion Windrose Whisperin' Spirits. He is an AKC champion of record, but is currently retired from showing. His favorite activities are barking at me at ungodly hours of the morning, playing with his umpteen tennis balls, barking at seagulls in any venue, running with me, making friends with all children, smiling, and in general being happy and silly. Typical irishman in every way!


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