Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 10 lists.

(had some blog trouble this week....but back in business now...)

Since I'm back into the school/work's time to bring out the top 10 lists! Here are some funny ones while I'm working on collecting the top 10 excuses for missing class/turning in homework late/etc.

So this one is poking fun at myself a bit...and I am being honest here, sometimes brutally so:

So....for all those of you who were college students once, you must remember the "end of course evaluations". That one day where you could get back at your professor for being too hard, too lazy, too smart, too... Turns out, people actually READ what you wrote on those sheets, and those comments come back to haunt those of us who are being written about! So, here is my top 7 (ok, so it was going to be top 10, but I could only think of 7 good ones and don't have time to actually look them up--I have real work to do) comments ever received on teaching evaluations...the good and the bad.

7. (gotta start with the good...) the best professor at UCSB. I will take all of her classes from now on.

6. (on my VERY first teaching experience). Good professor, a bit nervous, but I'm sure she'll get better with practice.

5. Professor Turner really knows her stuff.

4. Too should be meaner to the obnoxious dude in the back row. (who I did kick out of class at least once)

3. Makes me feel stupid (I still feel bad about this one...but the poor guy asked the same question EVERY lecture and EVERY office hour, and after awhile, I risked jeopardizing the whole class' experience by answering that question every day...).

2. Fun professor. Everyone should go to office hours and talk about cycling. (you can see how i liven up the office hours which are light on people)

and the number 1 funny comment received on a teaching evaluation: Professor Turner is a really good dresser. (**side note: no, i've never worn spandex to teach class :-))

Sigh. :-)


dr-nitro said...

For the same course I got:

This instructor is very organized.
This instructor is not organized at all.

Funny thing is, they were both right.


Brings enthusiasm to a boring subject (stats and methods course)

Most proud of:

Is more intent on students actually learning (underlined) critical skills and evaluative capacity than regurgitation of factoids.

I'm so proud, I could regurgitate.

No good dresser complements on evals. However I've had students compliment that in class, and notice that I have dog. Wonder how they figured that out?

John Doe said...

One time I got:
"Too bad he's married."