Thursday, October 18, 2007

Performance Enhanced Lecturing?

So this is a funny least it seemed funny to me!
I woke up this morning, post crash, feeling not so hot. Although I managed to sleep well, things had started to tighten up, swell up, etc., and so by this morning I was not feeling so hot! Plus, I had to teach my class this morning! Not one to want to disappoint 110 eager mechanical engineering seniors (read small bit of sarcasm here), I wanted to make it to class. But considering how hard it was to just get dressed, it was not looking up, and I decided that it was time to break open the 'more advanced' drugs I had gotten yesterday. Knowing full well that they might affect my ability to give a coherent lecture, I decided the pain management was worth it.

So I took the medication...and I went to class, and taught my lecture. I had fun with it, got the class to engage a bit, even got a few people to come up and participate, and did a few examples for them that will be useful later on. I was happy to have I did feel the "brain fog" set in on a few moments. However, after the lecture, someone came up to me to ask a question, and said,

"Professor Turner, that was a really great lecture today!"

I'm not sure whether to be happy or unhappy knowing that I lecture better when 'impaired,' or to just be happy I managed to engage a significant fraction of these students and get them all to learn something!

After that, I promptly dropped my bike off at the shop for some rehab of it's own, and then went home for 4 hours of sleep on the couch.

Healing is hard work.



Chris said...

Glad you survived your ordeal and are healing up well.

Strange that you perform better while impaired. You may have found your secret weapon.

CyclistRick said...

When I was teaching at a University in the late '70s one of my colleagues claimed that he had been 'high' every day since 1967 and that he would not think of lecturing if he had not toked a bit before going in to class. I never inhaled, errr, never attempted to apply his method, but perhaps you have found the same secret he did ;-)

Seriously, hope the need for the chemical assistance is very short term.

Auffderbach said...

Let me know if you would like a side job as a musician!