Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Innovate or Die :-)

So I finally came up with a good design project for my mechanical design class! Actually, Specialized did! Check out their "Innovate or Die" Contest! I've decided to have my class participate in this, or at least propose designs for it. Last year we did a human powered water distillation system, and most of the solutions were pedal-powered...so this is along the same vein!

Some of these are REALLY funny! For example:

or with this one...I could just happily ride away on my trainer while blogging, googling, or, egads, WORKING!

We'll see what these kids come up with! Seems like it will be fun, anyway!

On another note, it seems like just about everyone around here is stuck riding indoors for the time being. The air quality is so bad that going outside is unpleasant most of the time. My poor dogs don't know why their runs are getting cut short! Let's hope for cooler temperatures, less wind, and more rain! And help to those who have lost their home. At least one person who was at the dog show last weekend now has no home, and a few others are evacuated. One of my friends has not been located or accounted for, and cell phone signals are not getting through. Hopefully they're just out of phone range. Scary.



CyclistRick said...

Coincidentally, 5 minutes after first seeing your post we sat down, turned on the TV, and the show that was on (think it is called 'Bones') had a guy using a pedal powered generator to run a blender to make smoothies.

Hope calmer winds, cooler temps, and higher humidity come your way.

dr-nitro said...

How about having them design a mechanism that adjusts tire pressure on the fly for mountain bikes?

Or a HID light that gets power through braking, much like hybrid cars.

Sorry to hear about the break. And of course, my sympathy goes out to your pooches for having their walks cut short.