Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Broken spirit (or the start of a true "off-season")

Today started out pretty normal..a morning of work, and I decided to do the Wednesday noon climb of Old San Marcos. I managed to sneak in a good 2.5 hour workout, with climbing, and I made the mistake of riding through campus. It was right when the classes were changing, meaning there were TONS of people on the bike path. I kept thinking to myself "you should have taken the long way around campus and avoided the bike path," and "this is just insane" trying to weave my way around the potato-chip wheel cruisers with rusty chains and cell phone equipped riders who use them freely... but alas I was already there and tried to just tough it out. I had actually made it through campus, and was just at the outskirts of IV (Isla Vista) when it happened... a girl on one of those aforementioned cruiser bikes tries to avoid someone else, and rides RIGHT into me, with enough force that I was completely knocked off balance, and immediately there is no forward pedaling to be done, and I crash. I hit my shoulder, hip, and head. I hadn't been going fast....I suppose thats a good thing. I was more angry than anything. My bike is completely banged up. The girl who hit me is fine...she stops and says "are you ok?" and I said "I don't know, as I'm sitting on the ground feeling like a moron still clipped into the one pedal! I look at my poor bike and see the shifter sitting off at a bad angle...all banged up and scratched. The chain is caught in the spokes of my wheel, the derailleur looks a little 'off.' Wow, what a mess! And that was before I realized something was wrong with my arm.

I managed to bend things back together and make the bike rideable, with the help of someone else who stopped and happeend to know enough about bikes to help me do all this one-handed. And then I rode home. (about another 1.5 miles).

By the time I got home I decided that my shoulder was really not feeling so hot, and so i went to the doctor. Two hours of waiting later, and a few more of those xrays I love so much, and the prognosis (don't have copies of the pictures yet) is: a compression fracture of the humerus! Sigh. The pictures were interesting..looks like the bone just got smashed hard enough that the end just kind of got compressed, and there is a little vertical crack inside. Well, that, and a good case of road rash on my elbow. More time off the bike for me. I got the orthopedic referral, although I don't think they do much for these things. I hope that my freakish healing capability can kick in right away so that I can ride again soon...

What kind of luck is this? I was planning a road trip this weekend to show some Irish setters. BEing as this injury is on my leash-holding hand, that means the dog show is out (although I could go just for the socializing), and if I stayed home, I couldnt go on any rides! I have to admit my normally positive outlook is waning a just bummed.

Time for a glass of wine I suppose.

-over and out.


Steve Weixel said...

I made the mistake of continuing my route through campus after clases started. A few days in it was right in between classes and everyone was all over the place. I made it through but it I banged shoulders with several people and it felt like I was a pinball.

Stupidly I did the same route the next day, and ended up running into a ped that ran off a bus across the path in front of FT. She was fine, but I went over the bars and landed on my back. It took me a few minutes to get up and my back was in pain. I could hardly move for days and it still hurts when I bend over...

Anyway, I hope you feel better and back on your bike and holding leashes soon.

Chester said...

Oh man. So sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better. Its tough being off the bike. I had some forced Time off as a result of my I-T band acting. Turned out it was just what I needed. I'm sure you will be out there riding before you know you it.

On a side note: If we were yodeling through campus a collision with another bicycle would've been less likley.

All the more reason to Yodel while you ride.

CyclistRick said...

Total bummer. I hate paths around schools, any school, just because it is so insane. Hope you can heal fast, the bike can be made whole, and life can continue on a good note.

And I like the idea of yodeling... :-)

cnhorowitz said...


I am so sorry to hear about your crash. Try and enjoy the down time though because once you are healed and riding again, you won't get that time back. Take care and heal quickly.


Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

thanks everyone, for your good wishes...I am doing ok. The bike went to the shop this morning for it's own rehab...and I see the orthopedist in the morning. I am trying to have a slightly more positive outlook and enjoy the down time, and look at it as much needed rest... we'll see!

Thanks again...I'll be back at it again soon, I'm certain :-).

velogirl said...

ouch! heal quickly, Kim. I've ridden the bike path through UCSB -- death wish if you ask me!