Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday ramblings on Tuesday

so because of the holiday yesterday, it completely feels like Monday, although it's Tuesday. I know that will make me scramble on Friday, when I still have lots of work to do, and a weekend of racing and dog showing ahead of me....

So I'm beginning to feel good I didn't race this weekend, after hearing about all these crashes! I am hoping it was just a fluke, and that we'll all be keeping the rubber side down in the future! Two of my good friends crashed mountain bikes this weekend. One broken collarbone, the other just a serious case of road (er. dirt) rash. And then I read on OV's site about AJM's crash. It just all seems a bit much for one weekend! And Steve got hit by a car last week (he's ok, thankfully, and in true Steve fashion probably rode 400 miles since then! Kudos!) and Marco's group slipped on some slippery pavement on the 101 and a bunch of them crashed (although no one injured, thank goodness). Hmmm. I must say I was a bit worried about taking the old TT bike out for it's morning intervals this morning. The Karma seemed bad...

..but all was ok. I'm successfully back from my TT intervals, and the rubber side stayed down. So let's hope this week of crashing is behind us all! And for those with injuries...heal quickly, and enjoy the time off the bike! I know it's hard to do...but just think about all the things that get swept under the proverbial rug in order to ride the bike more. I know in my life, that rug is pretty large!

So happy riding everyone! Good luck to all racing Mt. Hood-I'm jealous! That darn work thing gets in the way far too often. However, it does subsidize this crazy habit of mine, so I have to keep on with it! And occasionally it, too, is fun!


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