Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Knowing Secrets

Sometimes I sneak up on my dog, Aidan, when I get home...just to see what he's up to when he thinks I'm not looking (a good friend of mine gave me the idea--and it's just so much fun!). It's very comical, and maybe a topic for a future blog. However, I already feel like I'm being sneaky this week, without even trying! I happen to be on the UCSB Cycling Team Google Group. This is because I was going to go on some of their training rides, as they leave extra early in the morning, and I was planning on getting some big base miles in that way, riding with all the young whippersnappers (I don't believe I've ever used THAT word before...). However, this week it became more entertaining. Let me elaborate:

Yesterday there was a post on the listserv describing the training ride for Thursday. An excerpt of this email follows:

Thursday ride leaves from Storke at 6:30 AM. This ride will involve
some climbing. We will head up .... and take ... back into
town. Climbing will be very controlled (please control yourself!),
and we will be back around 9 for people that need to goto class. I
will be riding longer for anyone that does not have class and can get
in the whole 3.5 - 4 hour ride."

This would be fine and all...but this said poster "who will be riding longer for anyone who does not have class"...happens to have MY CLASS at 9:30!!!

HMPH!!! How torn I am...I like cycling as much as the next bike geek...but it becomes slightly personal when people start blowing off MY CLASS (which you don't see ME blowing off to ride my bike...) to go on a 4 hour pre-season training ride! I feel a Thursday morning pop quiz coming on...

Inside information is funny sometimes...



lauren said...


you should pop quiz the day that the class meets after that ride.

but on that student's quiz slip in questions that are specific to that ride to let him/her know that you knew where they were last time.

dr-nitro said...

Oh, that is sneaky. I might just leave a smart ass comment like, I did not know that class was canceled. Or, show up on ride. That should produce an interesting response.

BTW, hit 40 going down Old San Marcos last Saturday. Couple more times, and I'll have that road figured, and should be able to hit 45, and maybe a car or two in the process.

dblrider said...

I think two pop quizzes are in order - day of AND day after (great idea Lauren!). Kids these days...blowing off your class. So hard to get good help...

How are you healing up?