Sunday, November 18, 2007

53 minutes...

...would be the time that it takes me to run a 10k when I have only run 3 times in the past year (2 of those in the past week), and re-convince myself that indeed, I have really NO natural talent for running :-).

My graduate student, Kari, and I did the UCSB 10K Turkey Trot yesterday. My goal was to run the whole thing, and to not get last place. I managed to meet both of those goals :-). I ran a couple of times last week as cross-training exercise, and so when Kari mentioned getting a bunch of us together to do it, it sounded fun enough. However, by the morning of the race, that 'bunch' had dwindled to just me and Kari! Oh well...and considering Kari just raced a half marathon, I knew it was going to be painful :-).

Anyway, it was a good, condensed workout, and it just reminded me how much I love cycling :-).

The UCSB Rowing team put on a great race, however, with lots of support. Hopefully they made some $$ on the event. The weather certainly could have been nicer...but you take what you get!



Chris said...

That isn't too bad for never running.

dr-nitro said...

Short, jarring pain of running. Long slow burn of cycling. Yep, give me cycling.

CyclistRick said...

Yep, cycling over running. Of course in my case it is my rather decrepit knees that force the issue. Congrats on pushing through.

How's the healing coming?

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

healing is going well...future blog post on that forthcoming :-)