Monday, January 12, 2009

Climbing Gibraltar

Photo by Carson Blume

I just thought this was an amazing photo. We had a local "race" this weekend...a hillclimb up Gibralter, our local tough climb. Some of this area burned in a recent forest fire...and it was looking even more rugged than usual.

Nothing like an intense Hillclimb to jump start the season! I haven't hurt so bad since, well, the last cross race!


PS. Oh, and my teammate Susie won the overall, and I won the 'under-40' women's division. Yippeeeeeeeee.


meh-wee-uhn said...

Way to drop the hammer & great job driving it even w/o a functioning compy! I probably would have cried.

Marco Fanelli said...

Good job Kimberly!

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Yeah--I forgot to mention in the post that my whole bike computer/HR monitor crashed at the start line--so I was sans data and on 'perceived effort' the whole time. I guess it was a good exercise in how well I know myself...but still hard!

Carson Blume said...

Thanks for the complement!

CyclistRick said...

Cool photo. And great job! But then you seem to have this doing well stuff down pat.

Having followed Susie on the scorcher hilly RR at Kern last May I am not surprised that she was up there at the top, either.

Chester Gillmore said...

WHOO- HOO KIM! Way to go!