Monday, June 9, 2008


I have awesome friends.

I had a business trip last week. A week in Hilton Head, SC. No riding, no forced exercise...I proclaimed it my "mid season break" after last month's VeloNewz' training article said it was a useful thing to do!

I hang out with a lot of athletes...people who are very driven and don't miss a workout, and feel bad when they don't ride...and I always thought I was one of those people. Until...

I was off the bike for 10 days. Secretly, I didn't miss it one bit. I was having too much fun working (yes, sometimes work can be fun), sailing, swimming in the much-warmer Atlantic ocean, playing in the sand, trying to get my phone to work in the hotel (lost cause--doesn't anyone care about contacting the outside world when they are on Hilton Head?), talking to people (networking?), listening to talks, giving talks, drinking (water and more interesting beverages--it was in the 90's (and humid) the whole time), eating at the Squat & Gobble, etc.

I rode my bike yesterday for 4 hours. It was fun.

When I got home...I opened my courtyard door to find these:

said "because every house needs a gnome" and I'm guessing the teeny Jesus is there so I don't actually have to ride my TT bike to "see Jesus 4 times" as Mee-Wee-Uhn likes to do.



Chris said...

I was off the bike for 14 days early in the year due to European travel and injury from a crash. I was worried the whole time that I was losing fitness, blah blah. While I may have lost a small amount, it wasn't much. Going forward if I have to be off the bike for a week or so I am going to have peace of mind that the world isn't ending.

lauren said...

she's right, everyone needs a gnome!

and i wouldn't have missed riding either with all that fun sounding stuff you did.

Greg Knowles said...

Welcome Home! Hilton Head sounds like fun, so did work.

CyclistRick said...

I am of the opinion that breaks off the bike can be a good thing, especially in our long seasons. But only if it is by choice and not because of injury :-(

I am sure you will be doing just great as soon as the next race comes around, and maybe might be a bit stronger because of the break.

Are you going to do SLO this year? We have been musing on signing up and using that as an excuse to visit Ms. Chatterbox's parents.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

cyclistrick...Yes, I will definitely do SLO. It is a REALLY FUN course, but maybe I just think that because I won last year :-). It is sort of technical and really fun, and its in SLO which is just a fun place. You and Ms. Chatterbox should definitely come down! In is the same weekend as Sisquoc this you can do the hilly road race one day (beautiful scenery, brutal course) and then the crit as well!

Anonymous said...

PS Jesus isn't saying shame on you for not riding...

meh-wee-uhn said...

We missed you!

Staring: Oh!livia as management & yours truly as the labor force.

And, for the record, and I don't want this to sound as if I don't like Jesus, but seeing him while time trialing (four times, no less!) has really changed how I feel about visions involving deities, be they major or minor.

Did I tell you that we missed you? Because we did.

Groover said...

Just found your blog and really like it. It's fun when you read about something that you read about before but from another perspective. I'm talking about Kern and Chatterbox' race report.

I'm having a two week break from training and racing at the moment, too. I only felt bad about not training the first two to three days. Then I started enjoying it. I guess it's like with every other addiction: When the worst withdrawal symptons are gone you can live quite happily without the drug. :-)