Monday, March 10, 2008

Too sad for words.

Two cyclists (one an olympic hopeful) were killed in the Bay area yesterday morning when a law enforcement officer crossed a double yellow line and ran into them. A third is in the hospital. I was in the Bay area yesterday for some work was a beautiful day, the kind of day where being out on the bike is a joy. My thoughts go out to the families and friends of these folks whose lives were cut short while doing something so many of us love to do.

Life is too short.


CyclistRick said...

Definitely cast a pall over the local cycling community. And there were at least two more bike/car crashes yesterday that sent folks to the hospital, one involving three members of a local cycling team. All very sad.

And now word that Amber Rais' (currently with Tibco, was with Webcor last year) younger sister is missing.

It is like daylight savings time has unleashed something evil on the community. Need to get it contained.

Greg Knowles said...

That is very sad news Kimberly. We can't look out for ourselves or each other enough.

Anonymous said...

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