Friday, March 30, 2007

on Blogging..

Hi there internet! after spending WAY too much time reading all sorts of blogs about bike racing (my new found passion), I decided the least I could do was make my own!

My two hobbies are showing and enjoying life with dogs (I have owned setters my whole life, first English, then 2 gordons, and now a Gordon and an Irish setter), and bike racing. The bike racing used to be running...but I bought a road bike as a diversion to ruining my knees from running, and never looked back! Now my legs scream at me if I go running more than a few miles at a time!

I'll fill in the dog part of the equation in a later post (too many photos to sort through), but let's start with the cycling. I'm racing this weekend in Ojai. It HAS to be easier than crit practice on Wednesdays. They have it in research park, in Goleta, and it is one of those "anyone can show up" events. Needless to say this past wednesday, there weren't many women there, and it went off real fast from the get-go! Anyway, I achieved my goal which was to ride strong and safe, hang on as long as possible (and keep catching back on for sprint interval practice), and practice my fast cornering.

It has been almost 9 months since I bought my road bike...and in that time I have:
1. Rode 5000+ miles
2. Rode 2 century rides
3. Took a week off of work to go to Bike Race Camp
4. Raced 3 times (2 crits, one RR)
5. Placed in every race
6. Upgraded just about everything you can think of on my bike (new wheels, BB, crankset, cassette, computer...)

Right now I ride for Echelon Santa Barbara.
Anyway, I"ll try to get my act together and get some photos up in the near future! I'm not exactly ON the podium in this photo...but next to it anyway!

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